Webinar: Digitize your Manufacturing Processes

Did you miss the webinar ‘Digitize your Manufacturing Processes’? Don’t worry! We recorded the session. It was a huge success with lots of attendees around the world.

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Key trends in Industrial Manufacturing

We were lucky to be joined by Joseph Lonsdale, Channel Partner Manager at Siemens Digital Industries Software. Joseph explained the key transformational trends in Industrial Manufacturing such as:

  • Consumer-driven customization
    Personalized products and customized services. Customer preferences are changing which causes more pressure to innovate quickly.
  • Smart machines
    Building intelligent programming to ultimately provide more control of all of the devices.
  • Hyper automation
    This requires vast amounts of data and cloud based analytics to accelerate learning about machine behavior and performance to automate machine functions. Adding sensors is not enough, you need to have the capability to analyze the explosion of complex data.
  • Global competition and Business models
    Competition comes from more flexible and agile types of companies. The companies that don’t have a digital mindset may fail to prosper in this new world.

Living in a software-driven world

Our CTO, Jethro Borsje explained the software-driven world we are living in today. He noted that software affects our daily lives and has consequences on the way we do business. Customers want digital experiences: they are expecting the same easy experience from you as a manufacturer as they have when they order a pizza online. Companies need to adjust to today’s digital world. Using the Gartner Pace Layer Model, Jethro tells about the different applications our clients use.

TimeSeries’ mission is to help organizations use new technologies to their advantage.


We want to make our customers more successful and more competitive by effectively leveraging the advantages of emerging technologies. The use cases with our customers differ immensely. We have found there is not a “one size fits all” solution. Instead, we tailor our solution to the specific situation of our customer, allowing them to stay competitive long term.

Business demand does not meet IT supply

The following must be familiar for almost every organization: there is a huge gap between business and IT. We are seeing an inverse relationship between business demands for innovative new solutions, and IT’s ability to deliver while maintaining the existing core systems.

Meet low-code!

Besides the gap between demand and supply, business and IT have the tendency to not always understand each other. Low-code development helps business and IT to collaborate more closely and come to a mutual solution, at a much faster pace than traditional development (up to 6-10 times faster)!

TimeSeries’ Industry Templates

TimeSeries has developed suites for numerous industries, but during this webinar we focused on the Industry templates we have developed for the Manufacturing industry. In particular, Jethro zoomed in on one of our clients Mitsubishi Elevator Europe

Customer success story: Mitsubishi Elevator Europe

Mitsubishi has been manufacturing elevators for almost 70 years and is focused on high-end sustainable elevators. Mitubishi developed a whole new line of elevators, called the Move. This new-generation elevator has a completely new, innovative and sophisticated operating system which allows us to gather hundreds of data points, or parameters, from each individual elevator.

But how do we use this data and leverage it to our advantage? We combined our TimeSeries IoT platform with our low-code Field Service Planning template to provide real time insight into their data. 

Implementing this solution resulted in a new business model for Mitsubishi Elevator Europe leading to optimized maintenance and increased efficiency through real time insights

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Recording of the webinar

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December 8, 2020
Miranda Veldhuis